Andover Historical Series

Published in the Andover Townsman newspapers

beginning in 1896



Charlotte Helen Abbott authored over one hundred articles in the Andover newspaper over more than a decade. Her articles supplement the greatly acclaimed "Abbot Genealogies" available at the Memorial Hall Library's Andover Room. 

These articles were laboriously worked on, and detail many - if not all - of the early Andover families, and greatly increases ones ability to locate emigrants from Andover, and stories of the more recent generations in the late 19th century. 

While I cannot vouch for the authenticity of her work, I have taken a great deal of time copying the articles for you to read, to add to your research as a starting point, or to offer a new lead in another direction.  Please note that while these articles all relate to Andover families, sometimes, anyone researching families throughout Essex County may benefit from the data. 

Below are links which will take you directly to articles already copied. It is going to require much time to get as many of the stories on here as I can possibly do. I intend to work on surnames of the earliest settlers first. If there is a family you would like to inquire about, feel free to email me. The library has about half of the articles indexed. 

Please continue to check back often. 



# 4 - Nicholas Holt and his Neighbors

# 5 - One Sunday Noon - mostly fictional, article about a typical Sunday around the North Parish of Andover in the 1600's.

#7 Farnham Girls - covers the woman of the Ralph Farnham line of Andover. 

#12 A Few Days and Full of Trouble - covers the Faulkner family of Andover.

#13 - Nicholas Holt's Children - first of many articles to appear about the Holt family of Andover. 

#14 Concerning a Scotchman - details the RUSSELL and MARSHALL families of Andover.

# 15 Russell Family of Andover - a second article about the RUSSELL'S

#16 & # 18 Early Osgood's & Osgood's That Staid at Home - two articles about the John, Christopher Osgood families of Andover and Essex County. A must read for ANYONE with early ancestors who were related to an Osgood of any town. 

# 19 - Holts (continued) Another article detailing some Andover and emigrant Holts.

# 33  Along the Merrimack - article covers multiple families including Ingalls, Barnard, Holt, Frye, Stevens, Baker, Parker, Lovejoy, Abbott to name a few. 

# 36 - The Early Abbotts Starting with English history, covers George Abbott in Rowley, and Abbott lines in Andover.

#40  #41  #42 Johnson Family Articles  - three stories relating to the John Johnson family of Andover. Includes real estate and probate transaction excepts. 

#46 Deserted Farms - another story covering multiple families including Abbot, Lovejoy, Cummings, Holt, Russell. 

#50 Farnham Boys - covers the male lineage of the Ralph Farnham line.

# 52 Graves Severed Far and Wide - More of the Farnum, Ingalls, Holt, Stevens and Martin lines 

#69  #72   Ingalls from Lynn & Henry Ingalls- of interest to anyone with Ingalls ancestry of early Essex County.

#74 Frye's We Kept - History and genealogy of some lines of the Andover Frye family.

#75  #76  Our First Ancient and Honorable  & A Ballard Estate - both articles cover the early Ballard's of Andover

#88 Our Mayflower Society - History and genealogy of some of the Mayflower Pilgrims and Andover residents.

#89 Tourjours Fidelis - History and genealogy of some of the BLANCHARD lines of Andover.

#91 Our Last Blanchard's - Lines of Thomas Blanchard family of Andover

#125 The Berry's of Andover - covers this early family.

#127 A Friend of Quakers - on the same page as the Berry article (#125) this story covers the family of Henry PHELPS 

#130   #131  Immigrant Danes & Francis Dane of Andover - two stories regarding this early Andover family of Dane's

#140  #141  On Sunset Rock  & Story of the Hollow - two more stories which cover multiple families including Abbot, Ingalls, Allen and WHITTINGTON

#144 John Farrington's Lines - details this early family of Andover.

Dated November 8, 1901 - FROM FRANCE TO ANDOVER details the history of the MARSHALL & CORNELL family (Corneille, Corneel, etc.)


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