Andover Church and Cemetery Guide

At this time, the links below will bring you to the private web sites of the churches of Andover. The information below the links listed will educate you as to the age of the cemeteries and the locations of the records for each. I am in the process of obtaining cemetery records and photographs for the cemeteries of Andover and North Andover. If you have any information to share, or have any questions, feel free to email me. 

*** If you are interested in the gravestones for the earlier settlers and residents of Andover, here are partial photo projects including the 1600 Burying Ground and the Second Burying Ground Cemetery, both of which are located in North Andover.


South Church  Date 1710-1930
41 Central St. (Rear)
Caretaker: South Church
**NEW** Records: Church office has created a database of stones and inscriptions

Website includes history of church, Andover, and cemetery statistics. Download a pdf version of the Historical Manual of the South Church here. In addition to containing historical sketches of the parish and church, it also has the complete list of members from 1711 to 1859, all 2,177 of them. It's a great resource for those doing genealogy research.

*** NEW *** South Parish Cemetery Photo Project Over 1000 names to date - from South Parish Cemetery, with photographs. Also check HERE for other photos

West Parish Cemetery  Date 1790 -
129 Reservation Road, Andover, MA 01810 .
Headstone Photo project
Phone Number:  (978) 475-3902
Caretaker: West Parish Church
Records: Indexed name and location files at church office.

Christ Church Cemetery  Date 1840 - Church Website
25 Central St. (Rear)
Caretaker: Christ Church
Records: At church office.

St. Augustine Cemetery  Date 1855 -
Lupine Rd. and Austin Ave.
Caretaker: Individual
Records: Alphabetic Index by name and plot. Check church office for caretaker.
Blogger website with some pictures from this cemetery can be found here.

Spring Grove Cemetery  Date 1871 -
Spring Grove Rd. at Abbot St.
Searchable database on the town page. Photo Database HERE
Caretaker: Spring Grove Cemetery, office near entrance
Records: In cemetery office. 

Chapel Cemetery (Phillips Academy)
Located: At rear of Phillips Academy
Caretaker: Philips Academy (Administration Bldg.) 
Records: List on file, duplicate at Andover Historical Society

Sacred Heart Cemetery
80 Corbitt Road, Andover, MA 01810
This Cemetery falls under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Cemetery Association
Phone number for the Archdiocese of Boston: 1-888-919-7926.

Church location is actually in Lawrence, MA  

Samuel Jenkins Farm Cemetery - 89 Jenkins Rd., Andover

(Private family cemetery)

Partial Burial Plot 1600 Burying Ground. North Andover
Plot locations include some of the names familiar to us during the witchcraft era in Andover, and of some common Andover early families

I Dream of Genealogy web site for Massachusetts cemeteries
Looking for more burial listings in the local area? Check this site out to see what other cemeteries are online, most of which are online for free.

Massachusetts Gravestone Project with new photos added often. Searchable by county for the entire state.